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Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom Teeth Removal

Here at Premier Dentistry of Eagle, we offer wisdom teeth removal. While it may not sound like good news to have this procedure, it is good news that you do not have to be referred out to another surgical center, given that we provide the facility and the doctor to perform this procedure in-house. You can rest assured that you are in the best hands, as Dr. Shane S. Porter has performed over ten thousand successful wisdom teeth removal procedures during his dental career. In fact, he considers it his best skill. For more information, and to schedule your appointment for wisdom teeth removal in Eagle, Idaho, we welcome you to contact us at (208) 546-0655. We are always happy to help!

Why Should I Have My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Your wisdom teeth are often the last teeth in your mouth to erupt. When they are properly aligned, and if you have healthy gums, there is typically no need to remove your wisdom teeth; however, this generally is not the case. It is necessary to remove wisdom teeth when they cannot erupt properly or when their eruption may cause problems for your other teeth. Wisdom teeth may grow in sideways, emerge only partially, or not even erupt at all. Any of these improper eruptions can cause several problems. If wisdom teeth are partially emerged, bacteria can grow around the opening, causing an infection and resulting in stiffness, swelling, pain, and overall illness. Improperly erupted wisdom teeth can also create pressure against neighboring teeth and cause them to move, ultimately requiring some sort of orthodontic or other treatment to realign your teeth. The most serious of problems from improperly erupted wisdom teeth include cysts or tumors; these can form around the wisdom teeth and end up damaging your healthy teeth and jawbone. By performing a wisdom teeth removal procedure, our dentist can help resolve these problems. It is often recommended to remove wisdom teeth early on so as to avoid any of these or other problems in the future, which will also decrease the amount of risk involved in the removal procedure.

What Does the Procedure Entail?

At our practice, we provide an environment of maximum safety and comfort for all our services. We also utilize modern technology and highly trained team to monitor your safety and anesthesia administration. Most wisdom teeth removals can be performed using a local anesthesia, oral sedation, nitrous oxide (laughing gas), IV sedation, or general anesthesia. Our dentist will discuss your sedation options prior to your procedure, as well as some of the surgical risks, such as sinus complications and sensory nerve damage. After your wisdom teeth are removed, our caring team will have you rest in our office for a short time until you are ready to go home; you will need to have a friend or family member drive you home after your surgery. When you are discharged, our team will send you home with a postoperative kit to care for your mouth; consisting of care instructions; antibiotics; a prescription for any necessary pain medication; and, if necessary, a follow-up appointment.

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