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5 Reasons Your Teen Will Love Invisalign®

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5 Reasons Your Teen Will Love Invisalign®

Is your teen struggling with self confidence because their teeth are crooked or gapped? Do you hesitate getting them metal braces because of what those can do to their self esteems? Then you should consider Invisalign®. Instead of using metal brackets and wires, Invisalign® uses aligners that are clear and more comfortable than having a mouth full of metal. Each aligner will be made to fit your smile, and your teen will switch aligners about every two weeks until their teeth gradually begin to move to their proper positions.

Here are 5 reasons your teen will love Invisalign® (and why you will too!)

They’re Invisible 

Hence the name Invisalign®, right? These retainers are perfect for teenagers struggling with self confidence because they’re virtually invisible. Gone are the days where teens have to walk around with a mouth full of wires and brackets. We know sometimes kids can be mean about braces, but with Invisalign®, no one will be able to tell that your teen has anything on! These clear retainers help align and straighten teeth without having to have your mouth full of equipment showing to the world. Your teen will love that it looks like they’ve got nothing on their teeth! They’re discreet and transparent, because getting a perfect smile shouldn’t be just another awkward stage of their lives.

They’re Removable

With metal brackets and wires, they’re stuck on your teeth until they’re straight. With Invisalign®, your teen can take these off for important events. From picture day to prom and everything in-between, these easily removable retainers are convenient to have. However, we will note that you shouldn’t remove them too much. We recommend your teen wears their retainers for 20-22 hours a day during treatment for optimal results.

You Can Stay Active

While you get a new retainer every 6-8 weeks, there’s no painful retightening of wires and moving brackets. With metal braces, your mouth can be sore for a couple of days after and prevent your teen from playing the sports they love or participating in the activities they enjoy. Invisalign® allows your teen to stay active while they wear their new retainers, even when they pick up a new set.

Less Risk of Emergency

Invisalign® is a quick and easy retainer to put in and take off. After your check-ins with the dentist, you won’t have to worry about a metal bracket popping off or a wire poking you in the mouth. The smooth retainer silently does work and your teen won’t have to worry about being out and about when a metal bracket comes off.

You Can Still Eat Your Favorite Foods

Metal brackets don’t allow your teen to eat certain foods easily like corn on the cob, popcorn, nuts, and other hard or chewy foods. It can even make eating ice cream a little painful! When your teen opts in to use Invisalign®, they will be able to eat all the foods they love without it making a bracket come loose or a wire pop out. These retainers are easy to remove when your child goes to eat, so long gone are the days of having to worry about what is and isn’t okay to eat.

Now that you know some of the reasons your teen will love Invisalign®, let’s dive into who’s a candidate and who’s not.

Candidates for Invisalig

Invisalign® works on most people, especially those who suffer from:

  • Over- or underbites
  • Crossbites
  • Gap teeth
  • Open bites
  • Crooked teeth
  • Straight teeth that just need a little help
  • Those who still have baby teeth too

However, Invisalign® might not be for your teen if they’re trying to fix tooth shape or other flaws to the like that a retainer can’t help.

Invisalign® with Premier Dentistry of Eagle

If your teen is ready to get more confident with their smile, call us today at (208)-546-0655 to see if Invisalign® is a right fit for them. In most cases, we can fix crowding, misalignment, gapped teeth, and bit problems with these easy-to-love invisible retainers. Contact Dr. Porter and Premier Dentistry of Eagle today to get your teen on the road to a smile they’re happy with.

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